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what is the coop

A short stay 

The Coop is an artist retreat.  While it might be small, it is built for big ideas.  This abode is designed to accommodate a single guest who is looking for a place to call home for a short stay, to help further enhance their ability to create and be creative.

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Fully equipped

The Coop contains everything an artist needs to stay, sleep, cook, and clean your mind, body & soul.

AND More...

Bicycle storage, SUPs, and access to some of the best trails and galleries the Pacific Northwest can offer.  Located blocks from downtown Bellingham, a new community awaits.

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Amanda Szopinski


Amanda Szopinski is an artist based in Baja California Sur, where she discovered her technique of soaking the canvas with layers of flowing paint to bring the abstract nature of the ocean to life.  Amanda's large scale ocean paintings have a way of reflecting the profound effects the ocean has on us individually, as a community, and as a global unity - making the ocean’s necessity for habitat and all of humanity worthy of our attention.

"Proud Primero artist in the Coop, honored to observe and even get hands on a bit as this little gem of a creative haven came to life, an inspiration by its very nature. Congratulations."

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PJ Perry

Circus Artist & Coach

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PJ is a circus artist specializing in aerial performance, primarily as a rope soloist and secondarily as a multidisciplinary group aerialist.


"Circus is all about travel, and keeping a home is often impossible.  But HOME for me is Bellingham, when I have time to hunker down and create.  The Coop  has been where I've landed twice now in these in-between times, and it has been the perfect nest for resting my body and incubating ideas for the next push."


Hekter McElliot


Professional Photographer, Hekter is located in Nevada City, CA focusing on Real Estate and Aerial Drone Photography.

"The Coop and it was such a perfect fit for my needs in launching my photography business from that tiny cork home. I was nestled in a hub of endless creative possibilities... and supported by a welcoming community on so many levels."

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Sienna Dawn

Painter, Graphic Designer

Painter, graphic designer, and curator from the Pacific Northwest forever enjoying color, helping good people do go good things, and continuing to cultivate play in the world!


"The Coop was a unicorn, giving me solitude in a space with all the ideal amenities in order to focus on creating my art and vision for the future!"

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Eve Diamond

Circus Performer

Eve has been pursuing circus professionally for over 20 years.  It isn't easy at times to bounce around from place to place, living out of a suitcase, but when she finds a cozy spot to rest her bones, she is able to dive in and focus on creating art to share with the world.


"When I stayed at the coop, I was in the middle of preparing to compete in a circus festival in Russia with my aerial partner. We would spend hours on our ropes, making our act exactly how we wanted it. At the end of those long days, I could come back to the coop to unwind and relax, cook and enjoy that "at home" feeling. As someone who is on the road most of the year, this was a welcomed treat." 


Kaitlyn Barrett 

Costume Designer/Podcaster

Kaitlyn is a theatre professional who’s worked in Wardrobe and Company Management for the last 17 years. Soon she’ll be moving into a job that combines all those skill sets.

"I got shipwrecked in Bellingham by the pandemic and so luckily happened into the Coop. While there I hosted a podcast and played around a lot with stop motion animation."

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